The Winners from our Built Environment competition which was held on February 21st

Apologies but no images are available at present:

Print Competition Winners

1st: Roman Cistern- Istanbul by Tim Higham

2nd: Media City by Dave Chapman

3rd: The Lowry Cinema by Dave Chapman

Highly Commended: Boat Sheds Lindisfar by Tim Higham

Commended: Galta Ji Temple Jaipur by Tim Higham

Commended: Balconies by John Owens

PDI Competition Winners

1st: Canal Side Warehouse by Tim Scott

2nd: Renovate me by David Chapman

3rd: Leaning towards planning permission by Tim Scott

Highly Commended: Empty Space by John Owens

Commended: Creek street Ketchikan by Karen Lathrope

Commended: Port Isaac by Jeff Guilver