Nature Competition – April 2022

The winners for the Architecture competition which was held on 12/04/22. It was judged by Brian Gromett. The competition was for prints and PDI

Nature Print Results

1st Place: Nuthatch by David Chapman
2nd Place: Blue Tit in the Breeze by David Chapman
3rd Place: Waxwing by Bryan Hurt
Highly Commended: Swallow in flight by David Hewson
Commended: Night Fishing by David Hewson
Commended: Meadow Brown on field Scabious by David Davies
Commended: Long Tailed Tit by David Chapman

Nature PDI Results

1st Place: Small Copper by David Weaver
2nd Place:Roe Deer by David Chapman
3rd Place: Fighting Buzzards by David Hewson
Highly Commended : Gibraltar Barbary Monkey by David Chapman
Commended: Little owl Feeding by David Hewson
Commended: Pussy Willow by Tim Scott
Commended: Morning Has Broken by Steve Percival