The winning images from our Architecture competition which was held on 22/02/20 and was judged by Graham Dunkin. This competition was for both PDI and Print

Winning Prints

1st Place : LightBulb Staircase By Samantha Ford
2nd Place : Brighton Royal Pavilion By Samantha Ford
3rd _Place : Eurotours Building By Karen Bassett
Highly Commended : Burghley House By Jorj Malinowski
Commended : Palace of Westminster By Jorj Malinowski
Commended : Cathedral roof angles By Samantha Ford

Winning PDI’s

1st Place : Amber Fort By Phil Blakelock
2nd Place : Prague Castle By Samantha Ford
3rd _Place : Southrey-St John the Devine By David Davies
Highly Commended : Oplenac monastery Serbia By Tim Higham
Commended : Normanton Church By Steve Percival
Commended : Tower Bridge at night By Samantha Ford
Commended : One of Lincoln’s waterside Public houses The Witch & Wardrobe By David Davies