External Competitions

The club encourages it’s members to enter competitions that are external to the club.

Local Competitions are arranged by the Lincolnshire Photographic Association which comprises of the majority of camera and photographic clubs in the county. There are 20 member clubs currently.

The LPA hold several competitions throughout the year, four of which are for individual club members and three are between clubs within the Association. These include Projected Digital Images(PDI), Prints and Audio Visual presentations. Entry Forms and Rules can be found on their website.

Information about LPA Competitions can be found – HERE

Regional Competitions are arranged by the North & East Midlands Photographic Federation (NEMPF) who hold an annual event for both Prints and PDI’s. The LPA is a member of NEMPF which entitles members to enter this competition.

NEMPF Forms and Rules can be found – HERE

If you wish to enter National Competitions then details may be found on the internet or some photographic magazines. All call for entries and give details of closing dates, categories and entry fees.

Examples of National Competitions include –

Vale of Evesham Camera Club Annual Exhibition – HERE

Cheltenham International Salon – HERE

Northern Counties International Salon – HERE

Or you could try the BPE website – HERE