Earlier this month we had our Keyworth PDI Battle. This is over 2 legs, one at home and one away with a set of PDI’s being judges by two different judges. This year Keyworth took the title beating our club both home and away. On the away leg the scores were 431 to Keyworth and 406 points to Lincoln, at the home leg the scores were 533 to Keyworth and 505 to Lincoln. The score sheets have been added as a PDF file below

The Fosters Colour Challenge was a print only competition run by the LPA (Lincoln Photographic Association) and this was the first time we had entered the competition which took place at Horncastle. Cleethorpes won with 22pts, Grimsby came 2nd with 20pts, RB was 3rd with 17pts. Lincoln came away with 10 points. More information about the competition including the final results are available on the LPA site here >
http://www.lincspa.co.uk/pages/competitions-events/fosters-challenge.php (Link opens in a new tab)