Keyworth PDI Battle

The Keyworth PDI battle is a little private battle between us an Keyworth Camera Club which we have held for the last four years. It will be taking place on the 16th April. Our club president will be emailing members soon regarding collection of PDI’s for the competition

The Fosters Colour Challenge

The Fosters Color Challenge. This competition is held in April. The competition is for club entries of 5 coloured prints (plus 1 tie breaker). There are 5 rounds. In each round the judge eliminates some prints. The prints eliminated in the first round score 1 point. If they are eliminated in the second round they scores 2 points, and so on to round 5. The judge awards one print, the one he considers to be the best, 6 points. More information is available on the LPA site here >> Fosters Colour Challenge Our club president will soon be emailing all members regarding collection of prints for the competition.