The winners from our Monochrome competition which was held on the 1st of November and was judged by Tony Houlden. The competition was split into 2 sections, one for print entries and one for PDI (Projected Digital Images) entries.

Print Section

1st Place : Working Hard By Dave Chapman 

2nd Place : Robbie By  Jorj Malinowski 

3rd Place : All Fingers and Thumbs By Karen Lathrope 

Highly Commended : Hatfield Pithead By Dave Weaver 

Commended :  Strong winter sunlight By Tim Scott

Commended : The Senator  By Tim Scott 

PDI Section

1st Place : The midnight train  By Steve Percival 

2nd Place : Late night drinks at the Cathedral By Steve Percival 

3rd Place : Getting ready for take off  By Karen Lathrope 

Highly Commended : Kate  By Bryan Hurt 

Commended : Blue Planet  By Dave Weaver 

Commended : The Workshop By Dave Chapman 

Commended : Rex Portrait By Jon Fixter