The Winners from our Built Environment competition which was held on March the 14th

Print Section Winners:

1st: Tyne Eys Bridge by David Chapman

2nd: Never mind the Pallets by Karen Lathrope

3rd: Meeting up by Karren Lathrope

Highly Commended: Forth Bridge by David Chapman

Commended: Colour’s of India by John Owens

Commended: San Diego  Sky Line by David Chapman

PDI Section Winners

1st; Fairground Abstraction by Bryan Hurt

2nd: The Bench by Tim Scott

3rd: The Night Singers by David Chapman

Highly Commended: Down in the tram station at midnight Budapest by John Owens

Commended: Brisban Art Festival   The Luminarium by John Owens

Commended: Chanting Monk Bedtime stories in the Monkey Temple by John Owens