The winners for the Panel competition which was held on 21/06/22. It was judged by Colin Lusby. The competition was for prints and PDI.

Print Winners

(No PDI previews for this section)

First Place: Naughty Chair by Jorj Malinowski

Second Place : Foliage by David Weaver

Third Place: The Queens Champion by Bryan Hurt

Highly Commended: Don’t Have Nightmares by Bryan Hurt

Commended: Prodigal Son by Jorj Malinowski

Commended: Doors of Madeira by Karen Lathrope

PDI Winners

1st Place: Going round in circles By Karen Lathrope

2nd Place: Cathedral Perspectives By David Weaver 

3rd Place: Yoga for Dragonflies By Karen Lathrope 

Highly Commended: A tough day at the office By Bryan Hurt

Commended: When I win the Lottery By Karen Lathrope 

Commended:  Unleashed By Kelly Bishop