The wining images from our panel competition which was held on 16/07/19 which was judged by Tony Houlden . This competition was a Print and PDI competition.

Winning Prints (No PDI’s available)

First Place : Sit Down By Jane Wright
Second Place : Queen Of Extreme By Amanda Elwell 
Third Place : Flower Centres By Keris Eyton-Williams
Highly Commended : Winter Details By Keris Eyton-Williams 
Commended : Construction By Margaret Wayman
Commended : Poppies By Karen Bassett 
Commended : Be Wiser By David Chapman

Winning PDI’s

First Place : Santorini By Colette Parker 
Second Place : Heart Felt By Colette Parker
Third Place : Steamin!  By David Chapman 
Highly Commended : Lincoln Remember’s By Mike Lewins 
Commended : Clematis By Mike Lewins 
Commended : Head for the sun Keris Eyton-Williams 
Commended : The garden spider By  Dawn McCall