The Winning images from our internal competition “Salvers Architecture” which was judged in our March competition by Martin Joy. Print and PDI entries were accepted for this competition. Clicking on any image will open the gallery

Winning Prints

First Place : Dolbadarn Castle – Amanda Elwell
Second Place : Greestone Place Lincoln – Jorj Malinowski 
Third Place : Birbeck Pier – Gary Westwood  
Highly Commended : Mont-Saint-Michel – Keris Eyton-Williams
Commended : Belton House – Keris Eyton-Williams 
Commended : Oakengatel Bridge – Amanda Elwell (No Image Available)
Commended : Laugarnestangi Reykjavik Iceland – Karen Bassett

Winning PDI

First Place : The North Sea Observatory – Tim Scott
Second Place : Ouse Vally Viaduct. – Gary Westwood  
Third Place : The Prison – Alvin York 
Highly Commended : Le-Mont-Saint-Michel – Gary Westwood
Commended : Chicago’s Stainless Steel Sky – David Chapman
Commended : Predjama Castle. Slovenia – David Hall
Commended : Doddington Hall – Alvin York