The Winning images from our internal competition “Salvers Natural History” which was judged in our April competition by Graham Dunkin. Print and PDI entries were accepted for this competition. Clicking on any image will open the gallery

Winning Prints

First Place : Marsh Tit by David Chapman
Second Place : In from the mist by Alvin York
Third Place : Blue Tit by David Chapman
Highly Commended : Banded demoiselle by David Weaver
Commended : New Born Grey Seal pup by Karen Bassett
Commended : The Visitor by Caron York
Commended : Bull Elk by David Chapman

Winning PDI

First Place : Far across the lake by Caron York
Second Place : Blue Crowned Amazon by David Hall
Third Place : Red Admiral by Phil Blakelock
Highly Commended : Blue tit by Dave Weaver
Commended : Natures Bounty by Alvin York
Commended : Otter by Alvin York
Commended : Egyptian Grasshopper – Anacridium aegyptium by Alastair Scammell