The Winning images from our internal competition “Salvers Record” which was judged in our April competition by Mike Bennett. Print and PDI entries were accepted for this competition. Clicking on any image will open the gallery

Winning Prints

First Place : Mike Lincoln – Avro Lancaster
Second Place : Karin Bassett – The Beatles Statue
Third Place : David Chapman – Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial
Highly Commended : Margaret Wayman – Waiting for the Children
Commended : David Weaver – LadyBower Plughole
Commended : Jorj Malinowski – Chinese Bedroom
Commended : Dave Weaver – Angel Window Southwell Minster

Winning PDI’s

First Place : Keris Eyton-Williams – Ratchet Spanner Set
Second Place : Jorj Malinowski – Turing Bombe Code Wheels
Third Place : Keris Eyton-Williams – Waltham Watch
Highly Commended : Phil Blakelock – Memorial
Commended : Karen Bassett – Mouse on Spade Handle
Commended : Phil Blakelock – Statue of Bismarck
Commended : Dawn McCall – Double Square-spot