This month is the panel competition. Normally this is a print only competition but this month we are also opening it up for PDI entries

Print Entries

For print entries, entries must be mounted with a maximum mount size of 20” by 16”. The images can be any size within the mount. Please write the title of the entry on the back of the mount, do not include your name

PDI Entries

For PDI entries, the rules are the same as prints, a set of three images is to be set on a background with a maximum size of 1920 x 1080, the images within the background can be any dimension as long as they fit within it ie. a choice of 3 portrait images, a choice of 3 landscape image, a choice of 3 square images or you can have a choice of a mix up of each. Featured below is an example with 3 portrait shots

All entries to be handed to David Tabberner, our internal competitions secretary by 02/07/19