The Churches Project

The churches project

After a long wait, mainly due to covid and lockdowns, the churches project is restarting. Club members are encouraged to cover as many churches as possible, gaining photographs from inside and outside churches. Our last project resulted in an exhibition in the Chapter House at Lincoln Cathedral, it would be good to see something similar again!

Running the project is the churches sub committee consisting of Alastair Scammell, David Davies and Steve Percival

We do have a PDF document of a list of churches in Lincolnshire which is updated regulary >> List of Churches in Lincolnshire which are already photographed have a name in column B. We shall be providing eventually access to the images already taken.

The list can be accessed but it is difficult to search through. When first released the Lincoln diocese provided a map of the diocese with labels of benefices making a search easier but unfortunately this labelling has been removed.

The Facebook Page for The Churches Project can be found here >> The Churches Project by Lincoln Camera Club

Featured below is All Saints at Faldingworth