Print Battles

Another good win for Lincoln in the print battles which were held at Pinchbeck on the 9th June

The scores were as follows

1st Place : Lincoln – 263 point
2nd Place : N.E.L.P.S – 257 Points
3rd Place : Pinchbeck – 254 Points

This puts Lincoln in a good position for a place in the final. The next round will be held on the 15/06/22 at Axholme

LPA Print Battles Competition

LPA Print Battles 2022

The First round of print battles held at Lincoln on 24/05/22. The battle teams were Lincoln, Skegness and Grantham. The judge commented that it was very hard competition to judge and he commended every print that was entered. The end result of the evening was as follows:

Skegness 256 Points
Grantham 253 Points
Lincoln 263 Points

In all just 10 points separated the top team from the bottom, with only Skegness being awarded 20 points on three prints. The next round which includes Lincoln will be held at Pinchbeck and will involve Lincoln, Pinchbeck and NELPS (North East Midlands Photographic Society) This will take place on the 08/06/2022

Editing Applications

Free Editors

This section is a link to free editors that are available to photographers, another place to check is you camera brand’s website, most makers bundle free software to their users. If you know of any more please let me know and I will add them!

Pixlr (Online Editor) >> (Also available as mobile app)
This is a free to use image editor which is good for the bare basics such as cropping and minor adjustments, the only drawback is the limitations of what file types it can edit as it will not edit RAW images but it will handle jpg images.

Fotor (Online Editor) >> Another free online image editor. although as above it is limited in what file types can be edited (No RAW editing) but you can do quite a bit of local adjustments.

Adobe Photoshop Express >> Photo editing app for iPhone, iPad and Android | Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe – Probably one of the best known names in image editing brings to you its free editor, although not as comprehensive as photoshop or lightroom but it will handle all the basics needed for editing. Available for PC/Mac & Android

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) >>
Another established editor but can be a little over complicated for some users depending on your experience with computers. You can use this free image editing software to retouch, edit and draw. You’ll have to download the program to your computer before you begin.

Inkscape >>
A relatively new editor which is making it’s marks, available for Windows/Mac and Linux machines and is a great way of editing your images ready for our competitions!

Paid Editors

This section is dedicated to paid/subsciption software.

Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop bundle Adobe Photographers Plan
This comes with 4 apps, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Photoshop and Photoshop Express. For home users with a computer then Lightroom Classicis generally used as the main image editor. The plan is subsciption based which is priced at £9.99 a month.

Affiniy PhotoAffinity
This is a Photoshop style program by Serif but with a single payment for a full licience and free updates for life, the price of the software is generally just under £50 but they do tend to have lots of offers on, at the time of writing this post, the application is available at half price, that is just £23.99 for a lifetime licience

Capture OneCapture One
This is fully professional software for editing RAW files, it will also edit jpg and other filetypes, simular to Lightroom but with much more control. It can be purchased as a perpetual licience or as subscription based

On1 PhotoRAW 2022 > On1 PhotoRaw
An editor simular to Lightroom CC , slider based, this can be purchasd outright or you can subscibe.

Screenshot of Affinity Photo

LPA Competitions

LPA Competitions for 2024

The Individual PDI competition

This was held on January the 25th at Nettleham Village Hall. The competition is as states a PDI competition only, it is an open competition and has two sections – open and creative, the closing date for the competition is January 12th. Results can be found on the LPA’s website >> HERE

The Fosters Colour Print Challenge

The Fosters Colour Print Challenge competition is held on April 14th. This competition is for Prints Only. More information and entry forms can be found on the LPA’s website >> HERE

Understanding the crop factor

One area where people often get confused is the explanation of the crop factor between Full Frame and Crop Sensors and how they view things. Remember, a 50mm lens will always be a 50mm lens no matter which sensor it is placed on, what changes is the field of view. Below is a guide written by bhphotovideo which explains in detail the understanding of the crop factor. The guide will open in a new tab.

Guide: >>

Competition Rules

This is a brief run down of the rules for our internal competitions, full rules can be found in our handbook. FULL RULES may be found in the Club Handbook

Prints or Digital Images will not generally be given marks in Club Competitions.

The Author of the winning Print, Set of Prints or Projected Digital Image will receive a certificate.

Points will be awarded to all entrants and count towards winning the Tipler Trophy ( a yearly award ) and be awarded as follows :

1st = 6 points, 2nd = 5 points, 3rd = 4 points, Highly Commended = 3 points, Commended = 2 points and Entered = 1 point.

Internal judges will also receive 5 points, as they cannot enter their work in the competition they are judging.

A winning Print, Set of Prints or Digital Image may not be entered into the same competition in subsequent years.

Colour or Monochrome work may be entered into any competition unless specified otherwise.

The standard of presentation of entries will be taken into account by Judges.

Maximum mount size is 20 inches by 16 inches, with the Print Title only, on the back of the print. The authors name should not appear anywhere on the entry.

Digital slides ( PDI’s ) should be resized to a maximum of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, with the height being a maximum of1080 pixels, and saved in ‘.jpg’ format in sRGB colour space.

An entry form must be used to enter any club competition, with a maximum of four entries per author per section* (this number may be reduced by the Competition Secretary).

There is no age limits on prints or digital images entered into club competitions.

* Separate Print and PDI sections may appear in a single Competition, such as Salvers. You may thus enter two prints and two PDI’s in this Competition.